Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here are August's scavenger hunt photos!:

1. Brown: the guitars of Watson St. Loft 
(awesome local band that makes you feel like you're 
still in college & disguises country very well)

2. 10: Ten amazing 3-month-old toes

3. Windows: Nontraditional windows at the "venue"

4. Petrol Station: abandoned gas station...not sure what 
that vehicle was doing there. (taken from my phone)

5. Boats: we don't do much boating, 
so I was excited to find this!

6. Framed: No description necessary

7. Chopsticks: Pretend Jessica's playing "Chopsticks" 
instead of Total Eclipse of the Heart...

8. Transport: One of the many awesome vehicles at the
Maumee 175th Anniversary Parade

9. Playing: Someone's been playing chess...maybe not
(analyzing the placement)

10. Fantasy: My awesome husband took me to see Wicked!
for my birthday.

11. Sharp: It's amazing how restaurants are looking out for
diabetics these days! (Restroom break)

12: Bonus...I could not find post card, so here are 2 bonus photos:

 The cake model of the Maumee Indoor Theater:

The photo bombs became the subjects...:


Julie said...

Great photos - love the baby toes and the old truck. x

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt.your photo sharp is very clever and I like the old truck and cake. Greenthumb