Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Friday, August 10, 2012

Call Me Old-Fashioned...

Some photos of cool stuff taken for granted:

These 2 pictures are of the cash register at Schmuckers...
They said they will be replacing it with a new one soon, so I'm 
glad I took pictures...

This is a fountain at Franklin Park Mall...
oh, EXCUSE ME, Westfield...
whatever, I'm never calling it that...

Boxen - Packing

I know that some people who look at this blog might be saddened by these pictures...I just wanted to document the spacial reasoning of our packing...which saved us time and money on our move to Toledo:

 This is before it got "out of control"...I mainly took this picture
of the colors coming in from the sunset.

Kitchen boxen

When I moved everything into the living room, including
the kitchen table so I could mop the kitchen.


Monday, August 6, 2012

More Detailed Pattern for Crochet Pencil Toppers

I found a pattern for crochet pencil toppers that was originally in another language then translated into English.  The pattern is sufficient, but I found myself making mistakes that a little bit more detail would avoid.  Julie also had the same issue (phew, I'm not the only one).  Check out her link for a pattern for 5 petals by clicking her name. :-)

So here goes (btw, as you're looking at the pictures and are thinking, "This is backwards!", it's because I'm left-handed):

1. Ch (chain) 6.

2. Join to the 1st chain with a slipstitch, but don't make a magic ring.

3. Ch 1 then sc (single crochet) into each chain (6 sc total). Join to the 1st sc w/ slipstitch.

4. Ch 1, then sc in each sc (from before) for 2nd row (6 sc total again).

5. Repeat step 4 (3rd row of 6 sc total).

6. Ch 1, then 2 sc in each sc (now there should be 12 sc total). This is typically called an increase (inc).  Join to the 1st sc w/ slipstitch.

7. Ch 3, dc (double crochet) into FIRST sc, dc into 2nd sc, ch 3, slipstitch into 3rd sc.
This makes the first petal.  Notice only 3 stitches were used (2 for the dc, 1 for the slipstitch).
(12/3 = 4 petals...when I skipped, I ran out of room & only made 3 petals.)

8. Repeat step 7 all the way around, not skipping any sc.

9. Join w/ a slipstitch and use your crochet needle or a yarn needle to tuck in the ends. (If you don't have a yarn needle, they are CHEAP and very helpful...also easy to lose, so I recommend buying quite a few at a time.)

I recommend using tacky glue to attach them to your pencil.