Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Friday, August 2, 2013


Here are July's scavenger hunt's photos!:

1. Black: Right before fireworks

2. 11: The # of miles to the next part of my road trip

3. Something Very Old: enough said.

4. Something Bright: again, self explanatory.

5. Coins: found these in the washing machine.

6. Technology: used pinterest to find a crochet pattern on a blog 
then took a picture on my phone to refer to it away from the computer
(so I wouldn't have to print it).

7. Numbers: I mainly took this picture because I found Waldo...

8. Wheels: I chose 2 pictures for this:

9. The Great Outdoor: I chose 2 for this one as well.

the husbands enjoying the great outdoors, 
being spun by a 2-year-old...

a giant wasp nest outside my parents' house

10. Smile: Wow... I picked 2 for this one, too!
My friends' kids are ADORABLE!!!!

11. Umbrella: a natural one...

12. Feet: My friend's kid LOVES putting on my flip flops!!!

Bonus: My nephew looking up at a cat on a coffee table.