Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Saturday, June 30, 2012

12 months of Photos - June

1. Endings - gathering before the ceremony

2. Shapes - at the Coffee Pot

3. Flag - the traffic circle of Greenville, OH dolled up for Flag Day

4. Trip - day trips are great in the summer

5. a. Clouds - crossing the I75 bridge from Toledo to Rossford

5. b. Clouds - taken at 4:15pm June 29th just south of Findlay...
little did I know I would be stuck there until 7pm due to the 
damage done by the high winds and quarter-sized hail.

6. Blue - how often do you seen a pay phone anymore?
Some fun with Gimp (free version of Photoshop)

7. Sports/Games - Bret and I played "You Don't Know Jack"
on the Wii and decided to see who could get the most negative $$

8. a. Summer Foods - WEDDING CAKE!!!

8. b. Summer Foods - I couldn't resist posting a picture of the 
bride and groom cutting the WEDDING CAKE!!!

9. Accident - I accidentally ran into our ottoman...
this was the result.

10. Water - I know the picture isn't very clear/focused,
but I thought a picture of a baptism at our church was 
fitting...what a great step in showing his faith!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i love my husband, bret.  it's been a hard year since we were pretty much inseparable until we moved to greenville, ohio.  we worked opposite shifts this year.  i worked during the day until the school year ended.  he works afternoons and evenings.  since i am home now, i find myself thinking about him A LOT.  bret is the best husband ever!  he's very kind and considerate, funny, smart, and trustworthy.  sorry if it seems that i'm gushing.  i love bret and miss him a lot while he's at work.

bret and me while on a walk in february

on a walk. thought this would be an interesting album cover

at john & chelsea's wedding

flashbox picture at john & chelsea's wedding

 i asked bret to do the hula dance. this is was the result.

 can we have a nice "normal" picture?

reading donald miller's book "searching for God knows what"

summer fun. happy birthday, bret!

at meredith & ted's wedding!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Since it is summer, I have a bit of downtime...naturally, I've been bored with that since the first week of summer vacation.  So here are a few pictures that I have taken this month that don't qualify for this month's 10 photos: freebie post!


Monday, June 4, 2012

8 Years of Teaching - A Short Photo Trip Down Memory Lane

So, I just finished up my 8th year of teaching math.  It's odd how time flies.  Yet I sit here thinking of all that I have experienced because I am a teacher.  Though most of my time was spent in the classroom, the relationships and experiences when formal lessons weren't taught are what stand out.  Through getting to know the students in the classroom, extracurricular activities, senior trips, and mission trips, my life has been so enriched...:

I've experienced camaraderie and "dignity":

The last day of my 1st year well spent


I "won" the honor of being pied in the face...

The few. The proud. The Science Olympiad Chicks.

Creativity (you will see many "gifts" on my dry erase board among other things):

Senior Float Building

Travel, Different Cultures and Serving Others Side by Side:


Junior/Senior Formal

My student aides

Recognize her from the pie picture above?

Student dressed as me before I got married for "Dress Like a Teacher Day"

The kid who photo-bombed was from another school. :-)