Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Thursday, October 29, 2015

It has been entirely too long...

It has been 2 years since my last blog post.  I think I need a photo scavenger hunt or something.

[Edit] In fact, I'm going to do this one:

Anyways, I've been pretty busy with teaching online from home at a brand new online school.  I started out as a high school math teacher (the very first teacher hired) and have become the lead teacher mentor in charge of onboarding new teachers, helping staff with their training/professional development, perform walkthroughs in live sessions and in the online classroom, and many other things that I will not bore you with the details about.  It's been a wild ride so far, and I LOVE IT.

Some stuff has happened personally as well...back in August, we got pregnant and had a miscarriage.  We are heartbroken.  People have been helpful...but people have also said some pretty stupid stuff as well.  I got a tattoo on my foot...thought I was done with tattoos until I lost my baby.

Along with the changes professionally and personally, I've kept busy with some crafting and some nerding...

Doing slides at WCC

I'm still crocheting.  Here are some of my most recent projects (links to the original patterns in the captions):

Kitty! for a cutie
Lacy infinity scarf for a smarty pants

Snake for a fun little man
Bobble hat

I also received a cabinet sewing machine from my great-aunt.  I learned how to sew this summer and finally made the t-shirt quilts that I've been meaning to make for years:

So what have you been up to?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

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