Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Detailed Pattern for Crochet Pencil Toppers

I found a pattern for crochet pencil toppers that was originally in another language then translated into English.  The pattern is sufficient, but I found myself making mistakes that a little bit more detail would avoid.  Julie also had the same issue (phew, I'm not the only one).  Check out her link for a pattern for 5 petals by clicking her name. :-)

So here goes (btw, as you're looking at the pictures and are thinking, "This is backwards!", it's because I'm left-handed):

1. Ch (chain) 6.

2. Join to the 1st chain with a slipstitch, but don't make a magic ring.

3. Ch 1 then sc (single crochet) into each chain (6 sc total). Join to the 1st sc w/ slipstitch.

4. Ch 1, then sc in each sc (from before) for 2nd row (6 sc total again).

5. Repeat step 4 (3rd row of 6 sc total).

6. Ch 1, then 2 sc in each sc (now there should be 12 sc total). This is typically called an increase (inc).  Join to the 1st sc w/ slipstitch.

7. Ch 3, dc (double crochet) into FIRST sc, dc into 2nd sc, ch 3, slipstitch into 3rd sc.
This makes the first petal.  Notice only 3 stitches were used (2 for the dc, 1 for the slipstitch).
(12/3 = 4 petals...when I skipped, I ran out of room & only made 3 petals.)

8. Repeat step 7 all the way around, not skipping any sc.

9. Join w/ a slipstitch and use your crochet needle or a yarn needle to tuck in the ends. (If you don't have a yarn needle, they are CHEAP and very helpful...also easy to lose, so I recommend buying quite a few at a time.)

I recommend using tacky glue to attach them to your pencil.


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Size H hook.