Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i love my husband, bret.  it's been a hard year since we were pretty much inseparable until we moved to greenville, ohio.  we worked opposite shifts this year.  i worked during the day until the school year ended.  he works afternoons and evenings.  since i am home now, i find myself thinking about him A LOT.  bret is the best husband ever!  he's very kind and considerate, funny, smart, and trustworthy.  sorry if it seems that i'm gushing.  i love bret and miss him a lot while he's at work.

bret and me while on a walk in february

on a walk. thought this would be an interesting album cover

at john & chelsea's wedding

flashbox picture at john & chelsea's wedding

 i asked bret to do the hula dance. this is was the result.

 can we have a nice "normal" picture?

reading donald miller's book "searching for God knows what"

summer fun. happy birthday, bret!

at meredith & ted's wedding!

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