Buttersmith Collage

Buttersmith Collage

Friday, May 25, 2012

12 Months of Photos - May

Since the rest of May will be crazy with graduation stuff, I figured I would post my pictures now while I have a breath.

1. Four Legs - on our teacher work day (the last day of school for teachers), a student brought this little guy in to school...it licked my hand

2. Comfort - I often find comfort in God's Word...can you find "comfort"?

3. Sunrise/Sunset - the picture on the left is my view of the sunrise from our back patio door/the picture on the right is my view of the sunset on my drive home (from being at school too late)

4. Self Portrait - enough said.

5. BBQ - As I was leaving school one day, I found this behind a car.

6. Mother's Day - Since both of our moms live in Toledo (and we don't)...this was what I could come up with...

7. Black - This was part of a Toms Shoes/Eyewear catalog I received in the mail.

8. Close-Up - I am amazed the "Pleco Polanco" let me take this picture...he's usually very anti-social.

9. A Smile - This is what I got from my husband when I said, "SMILE!!!"

10. Shadow - again, self-explanatory.


krista said...

Your Bible pic was cool, and I liked your self portrait a lot--very clever. :)

Faith said...

Nice photos!! I really like "Comfort!" The angle is really cool, and the shallow depth of field is creative. :)

Kim said...

Loved the picture of the deer. I didn't do a self portrait...enough said there also. lol

ShutterNinja said...

Comfort is perfect! Great shot Rems! The deer is adorable and Bret's smoke is such a him shot!

Nutter Buttersmith said...

@ShutterNinja, Bret's smoke?!?!?! BUH?!?!?!